The Temple Between

Our eyes are open, our fists are closed.
Our walls are stone, our shields are steel.
Our faces are many, our soul is dwarf.
And thus is there no foe against whom Overlook cannot stand.

The Temple Between is the sixth adventure in the Scales of War campaign.


The party returned to Overlook with Amyria, where they found the residents of that city preparing for war. There, they were approached by Lavinya, whose colleague and friend, Haelyn, had gone missing. An investigation revealed that Haelyn had been murdered by Grovald, an assassin devoted to Zehir, who had masqueraded as a replacement for Haelyn. Further digging, spurred by the authorities’ odd reactions, revealed that many of the town’s officials, and many of the town’s most prominent clerics, had been replaced by doppelgangers or possessed by some manner of foul magic. The party rescued Durkik Forgeheart, who then granted them access by teleportation to Mountainroot, an ancient, hidden temple to Moradin.

They found themselves caught between invading fey on one side and trolls on the other, and trapped with those monsters in the temple. Defeating their enemies, the party brought an end to the torture of the Caretaker, an azer charged with the defense of the ancient temple, and recovered an ancient religious tome for Durkik. The Caretaker gave them their true foe’s identity: General Zithiruun, a legendary though disgraced hero among the githyanki of the Astral Sea. Zithiruun’s plan had been to use the teleportation portals in the Temple Between to move troops into Overlook as a fifth column for his coming invasion, and likewise to use the temple to invade other cities. Though they succeeded in foiling this plot, the party learned that Zithiruun meant to carry on with his planned attack on Overlook anyway.

When the party returned to Overlook, they found the city at war. They participated in the city’s defense and rescued a city council member from her burning house, and finally came face to face with General Zithiruun and his entourage. Though he claimed the lives of two of Overlook’s heroes, the githyanki met his doom at the party’s hands and the threat to Overlook was averted.


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The Temple Between

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