The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge

We are mercenaries, all of us, but only a precious few have honesty enough to admit it. Whether we sell ourselves for coin, for honor, or ideals, we all have a price whose continued payment leads us inevitably to our end. But when that end comes, will you admit to your balance sheet? Or will you lie when you claim that the blood on your hands was spilled for just cause, not simply your hunger for glory?

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge is the third adventure in the Scales of War campaign.


Fresh from their victory at Bordrin’s Watch, the party was ambushed by a gang of toughs known as the Lost Ones, who they learned were hired by someone called Modra. They tracked Modra to an Overlook inn called the Happy Beggar, where they learned more about their enemy from a cloaked stranger. The party found Modra in the hidden catacombs beneath the Happy Beggar, but he escaped through a portal to the Shadowfell. When the party followed, they found themselves at Umbraforge, a vast mercenary encampment which they learned was operated by an arms merchant called Sarshan. There, they discovered that Sarshan meant to lead his army in war against the mortal world with the aid of magically-enhanced monsters he was experimenting with in his laboratory. The party tracked down and slew Modra, then assaulted Sarshan’s tower—but they were defeated and captured by the shadar-kai’s servants, then confronted by Sarshan himself. He offered the party the chance to join him, but then an explosion rocked Umbraforge: Sarshan’s laboratory was sabotaged by Modra. In the ensuing chaos, Sarshan fled, and the party fought their way back to the portal, which they used to return to the mortal world.


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Notable NPCs

  • Modra was revealed to have supplied Tusk with arms and equipment for his attack on Bordrin’s Watch, against the wishes of his employer, Sarshan. He was found and slain by the party during their operations in Umbraforge.
  • Leena is a shadar-kai witch and former associate of Modra who helped the party track down the dark one, hoping they would slay him quickly rather than allow him to be tortured by Sarshan.
  • Thannu was captain of Sarshan’s personal guard. He was killed by the party while guarding Sarshan’s escape from his crumbling tower.
  • Sarshan was discovered to be at the root of the recent attacks on Elsir Vale. Though the party foiled his plans, Sarshan escaped in the confusion.


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The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge

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