The Lost Mines of Karak

This is a mission for heroes who have shown their mettle in the defense of others. If the evidence you have uncovered is true, the Siege of Bordrin’s Watch was but the first sortie in a larger campaign, against which Overlook and Elsir Vale cannot stand for long. I will tell you of the Karak Lode, and of lost wealth with which we might defend our land against the war that is coming.

The Lost Mines of Karak is the fourth adventure in the Scales of War campaign.


When a crumbling map was discovered among Sarshan’s effects in an Overlook warehouse, it spurred the last scion of an ancient dwarven clan to engage the party in seeking out the lost mine which was his birthright. Following the map into the barren Thornwaste, the party penetrated the ancient fortress that guarded the mine, only to find it occupied by a clan of troglodytes. When they reached the mine itself, the party discovered what had happened to the Ironfell dwarves so many years ago: they had dug too deep and unearthed a rift between the Material Plane and the Elemental Chaos. The party encountered the Queen of the Drylands and her demonic retinue, who soundly beat them into panicked flight; when they returned to seek their vengeance, the party found that the Queen and her retinue were gone, but that elemental energy had begun to spread throughout the ancient mine.


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Notable NPCs

  • Bram Ironfell, scion and heir of the Ironfell clan of dwarves, hired the party to investigate the ancient mine.
  • The Warden, a demonic gnoll, extorted regular tribute from the people of Dunesend on Shephatiah’s behalf. He and his behir pet were killed by the party.
  • Shephatiah, the self-styled Queen of the Drylands, defeated the party in her lair. Her whereabouts are unknown.


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The Lost Mines of Karak

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