Siege of Bordrin's Watch

How can we forget the suffering of our kin during the Age of Chains? How can we set aside those ancient grudges when the risk of slavery is now greater than ever? Fellow warriors, the orcs are upon us, marching once more to the beat of the giants’ drum. It falls to us to stop them—to hold fast no matter their numbers. If we falter, we give into fear. It’s not just ourselves and our way of life that will suffer; all people of the Elsir Vale will perish as well. War is upon us. Now is the time for men and women of courage to stand up and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Siege of Bordrin’s Watch is the second adventure in the Scales of War campaign.


The characters responded to a call to arms issued by the dwarven city of Overlook: their mountain fortress, Bordrin’s Watch, had come under siege by a force of orcs. Initially sent to warn an isolated monastery of the invasion, the party found they were too late; the monastery had been destroyed and the monks were dead. The party then made its way into subterranean tunnels beneath the mountains, where they rescued a dwarf prisoner and encountered a monstrous strike force attempting to bypass the dwarven fortress above. With the dwarf’s help, the party slew the orog warlord and his shadar-kai consort and flooded the tunnels with an ancient trap, preventing the orc army from mounting its assault on Bordrin’s Watch.


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Notable NPCs

  • Elder Cadrick, councilman of Overlook, issued the call to arms and hired the party.
  • The party encountered two rival adventuring companies during their time in Overlook: the Farstriders and the Freeriders.
  • The party rescued the dwarf Kalad from the tunnels beneath the monastery.
  • The party slew Tusk and Myrkissa, the leaders of the monstrous army attacking the dwarven outpost.


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Siege of Bordrin's Watch

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