Sarshan was a shadar-kai arms merchant, alchemist, and ritualist.

Sarshan was the mind behind several attacks on Elsir Vale, including those by the Red Hand of Doom under Sinruth and the Wicked Fang under Fangren. He planned to unleash a monstrous mercenary army upon the vale from Umbraforge, his encampment in the Shadowfell. That army would have included magically enhanced monsters bred in his laboratory.

After Umbraforge was destroyed by the efforts of Modra and the Heroes of Overlook, Sarshan escaped to his redoubt in the City of Brass. While exploring the Elemental Chaos, he discovered remnants of the research done by Djamela on blood chaos and the location of her ruined tower.

Sarshan took possession of Djamela’s Tower and gained mastery over its traps and undead guardians. He began researching the potential applications of blood chaos as a destructive force to be unleashed against the world. Extended exposure to the substance during his experimentation left the already-scarred shadar-kai hideously deformed: the skin of his face and hands was riddled with open sores and lesions oozing with the caustic substance. However, Sarshan turned even this deformity to his advantage, learning to use the blood chaos within him as a weapon.

During this period, Sarshan learned of General Zithiruun’s campaign against Overlook and contacted the githyanki, supporting the war effort against the Elsir Vale with money, weapons, and troops. His involvement was meant to be secret, but was discovered after the Battle of Overlook by the Freeriders.

Sarshan sent assassins after two targets in the world: Megan Swiftblade of the Freeriders, to ensure her silence, and Kustaa Lemminkainen, the last surviving Hero of Overlook, to prevent his future interference in the arms merchant’s plots. Both attempts failed, so Sarshan took matters into his own hands. His agents had tracked Megan Swiftblade to the village of Talar, and Sarshan used his knowledge of portal magic to unleash a torrent of blood chaos there, leaving the tiny village in ruins. However, Kustaa and his new associates arrived from Overlook in time to save Megan and learn what she knew.

Sarshan fled to his tower in the Elemental Chaos via the planar crossing at the Ever-Tree, but Kustaa and his associates followed soon behind. They caught the shadar-kai as he was attempting to teleport to his hideout in the City of Brass. Overcome with rage, Sarshan turned to fight his pursuers, but they overpowered and slew him on the roof of Djamela’s Tower.

Sarshan was introduced in The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge. He also appeared in Beyond the Mottled Tower.


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