Den of the Destroyer

The armies that today march across the fields and mountains of the world will tomorrow be forgotten, as will we all. But do not fear the progress of history, nor give up in today’s fight, for our efforts are far from futile. Instead, prepare your sword and shield and stand against the tide that threatens to overwhelm our lands. For though you and I may be forgotten in the years to come, what we do today will echo through the ages and determine the fate of all those who follow in our footsteps.

Den of the Destroyer is the fifth adventure in the Scales of War campaign.


The party received a summons to return to Brindol, where they learned that the platinum longsword they recovered had begun to speak—and had asked for them by name. A spirit was trapped within the sword; it guided them to Fortress Graystone, an ancient githzerai monastery occupied by the Wicked Fang gnoll tribe. Their chieftain was undergoing a ritual to become an exarch of Yeenoghu. The party penetrated the monastery, where they learned that the Wicked Fang was yet another group being supplied and trained by Sarshan. They interrupted the gnoll shaman’s ritual and undertook one of their own to free the spirit from the sword, which took physical form before them.


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Notable NPCs

  • Sertanian, castellan of the Hall of Great Valor in Brindol, summoned the party when the platinum longsword began speaking to him.
  • Gilgathorn, an elf bounty hunter, was defeated by the party when he ambushed them in the githzerai monastery.
  • Kyrion was a shadar-kai weaponmaster assigned to train the Wicked Fang in the use of shadar-kai arms. He was killed by the party.
  • Fangren was the gnoll shaman and chieftain of the Wicked Fang who attempted a ritual to become an exarch of Yeenoghu. He was slain by the party before completing the ritual.
  • Amyria is a deva paladin. Her spirit inhabited the platinum longsword, and she was returned to physical form through the party’s efforts.


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Den of the Destroyer

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