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Who’s who and what’s what in Elsir Vale

“Rescue at Rivenroar”

The party squelched an uprising of the long-since-defeated Red Hand of Doom, which had besieged the town of Brindol ten years earlier. They infiltrated the Red Hand’s base of operations at Castle Rivenroar, rescued several kidnapped citizens, and recovered the town’s beloved war relics.


  • Adronsius: Dwarf alchemist, resident of Brindol. Kidnapped by the Red Hand, rescued by the party.
  • Eoffram Troyas: Half-elf, city councilman of Brindol.
  • Jalissa: Elf, acolyte of Ioun, resident of Brindol. Kidnapped by the Red Hand, rescued by the party.
  • Kartenix (d): Human, captain of the guard of Brindol. Kidnapped by the Red Hand, killed in captivity.
  • Mirtala: Human cook, resident of Brindol. Kidnapped by the Red Hand, rescued by the party.
  • Sertanian: Human, castellan of the Hall of Great Valor in Brindol. Kidnapped by the Red Hand, rescued by the party.
  • Sinruth (d): Hobgoblin, leader of the revived Red Hand of Doom. Killed by the party.
  • Thurann: Human, son of Kartenix. Kidnapped by the Red Hand, rescued by the party.
  • Zerriksa: Human herbalist, resident of Brindol. Rumored to be a witch. Kidnapped by the Red Hand, rescued by the party.

Recovered relics:

  • A gilded, ornate dragoncrest helm.
  • A ceremonial platinum longsword.
  • A set of three shields with the Red Hand insignia.
  • A set of iron gauntlets with extensive filigree.
  • A heraldic battle standard depicting two hands clasped in a handshake.

“Siege of Bordrin’s Watch”

The party responded to a call to arms from the dwarven city of Overlook, whose mountain outpost, Bordrin’s Watch, was under attack from an army of orcs. Sent to a mountain monastery to warn a cell of dwarven monks, the party found the monastery sacked. Rescuing a dwarven captive, the party then proceeded into a subterranean labyrinth, where they slew the orc chieftain and his shadar-kai consort and flooded the tunnels with an ancient dwarven failsafe, rendering the mountains impassable to the invading orcs.


  • Cadrick: Dwarf, member of the Council of Elders of Overlook.
  • Farstriders: Adventuring company based in Overlook. Killed by monsters in the Nexus.
    • Edgar Sommerfield (d), human warlord
    • Corben (d), human fighter
    • Jen (d), half-elf warlock
    • Reiner (d), elf ranger, twin brother of Uulath
    • Uulath (d), elf ranger, twin brother of Reiner
  • Freeriders: Adventuring company based in Overlook.
    • Megan Swiftblade, human fighter
    • Ragnum Dourstone, dwarf cleric of Moradin
    • Sylen Leafrunner, elf ranger
    • Ghena Tenson, human wizard
    • Madrick, gnome rogue
  • Kalad: Dwarf paladin of Moradin. Rescued by the party.
  • Myrkissa (d): Shadar-kai witch, consort to Tusk. Killed by the party.
  • Tusk (d): Orc chieftain. Killed by the party.

“The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge”

The party followed a trail of clues to a portal beneath an Overlook inn, which carried them to the Shadowfell. There, they penetrated an encampment of mercenary soldiers surrounding a mystical foundry. The party found itself beaten and captured by shadar-kai led by a scarred, robed arms merchant – but when the foundry mysteriously exploded, the party escaped and returned to the Material Plane.


  • Leena: Shadar-kai war witch, former associate of Modra.
  • Modra (d): Dark one, former lieutenant to Sarshan, revealed to have supplied the orc army which laid siege to Bordrin’s Watch. Killed by the party.
  • Reniss: Half-elf ranger, sister to Jen.
  • Sarshan: Shadar-kai arms merchant, revealed to have recruited Sinruth and the revived Red Hand.

“The Lost Mines of Karak”

When a crumbling map was discovered among Sarshan’s effects in an Overlook warehouse, it spurred the last scion of an ancient dwarven clan to engage the party in seeking out the lost mine which was his birthright. Following the map into the barren Thornwaste, the party penetrated the ancient fortress that guarded the mine, only to find it occupied by a clan of troglodytes. When they reached the mine itself, the party discovered what had happened to the Ironfell dwarves so many years ago: they had dug too deep and unearthed a rift between the Material Plane and the Elemental Chaos. The party encountered the Queen of the Drylands and her demonic retinue, who soundly beat them into panicked flight; when they returned to seek their vengeance, the party found that the Queen and her retinue were gone, but that elemental chaos had begun to spread throughout the ancient mine.


  • Bram Ironfell: Dwarf aristocrat, resident of Overlook, scion and heir of the Ironfell clan.
  • Shephatiah: Naga, Queen of the Drylands.

“Den of the Destroyer”

The party received an urgent message to return to Brindol, where they found that the platinum longsword they recovered had begun to speak! At the sword’s request, they brought it to Fortress Graystone, an ancient githzerai outpost, fending off mercenaries and bounty hunters along the way. Upon reaching the fortress, the party fought their way through the ranks of the Wicked Fang gnoll tribe, which had been paid and equipped by Sarshan the arms merchant. The party ultimately defeated the Wicked Fang’s leader, who was in the midst of a diabolical ritual, and freed an ancient spirit from the sword.


  • Amyria: Deva paladin, formerly trapped within the platinum longsword.
  • Fangren (d): Gnoll shaman of Yeenoghu, leader of the Wicked Fang tribe. Attempted ritual to become an exarch of that god. Killed by the party.
  • Gilgathorn: Elf, bounty hunter. Freed by the party after an unsuccessful attempt on their lives.
  • Kyrion (d): Shadar-kai weapon master, sent by Sarshan to train the Wicked Fang gnolls. Killed by the party.

“The Temple Between”

The party returned to Overlook with Amyria, where they found the residents of that city preparing for war. There, they were approached by Lavinya, whose colleague and friend, Haelyn, had gone missing. An investigation revealed that Haelyn had been murdered by Grovald, an assassin devoted to Zehir, who had masqueraded as a replacement for Haelyn. Further digging, spurred by the authorities’ odd reactions, revealed that many of the town’s officials, and many of the town’s most prominent clerics, had been replaced by doppelgangers or possessed by some manner of foul magic. The party rescued Durkik Forgeheart, who then granted them access by teleportation to the Temple Between, an ancient, hidden temple to Moradin.

They found themselves caught between invading fey on one side and trolls on the other, and trapped with those monsters in the temple. Defeating their enemies, the party brought an end to the torture of the Caretaker, an azer charged with the defense of the ancient temple, and recovered an ancient religious tome for Durkik. The Caretaker gave them their true foe’s identity: General Zithiruun, a legendary though disgraced hero among the githyanki of the Astral Sea. Zithiruun’s plan had been to use the teleportation portals in the Temple Between to move troops into Overlook as a fifth column for his coming invasion, and likewise to use the temple to invade other cities. Though they succeeded in foiling this plot, the party learned that Zithiruun meant to carry on with his planned attack on Overlook anyway.

When the party returned to Overlook, they found the city at war. They participated in the city’s defense and rescued a city council member from her burning house, and finally came face to face with General Zithiruun and his entourage. Though he claimed the lives of two of Overlook’s heroes, the githyanki met his doom at the party’s hands and the threat to Overlook was averted.


  • Aerun (d): Dwarf, captain of the watch of Overlook. Possessed by githyanki magic and subsequently killed by the party.
  • Cachlainn: Sent fey to the Temple Between to retrieve the Incunabulum Primeval.
  • Durkik Forgeheart: Dwarf cleric of Moradin, head priest of the Stone Anvil and spiritual leader of Overlook.
  • Grovald (d): Human priest of Zehir. Masqueraded as priest of Erathis and took Haelyn’s place after murdering her. Killed by the party.
  • Haelyn (d): Human priestess of Erathis, caretaker of the shrine to that deity in Overlook. Killed by Grovald.
  • Incunabulum Primeval: Ancient religious text, holy to Moradin. Retrieved by the party from the Temple Between; now in the care of Durkik at the Stone Anvil.
  • Karros: Dwarf cleric of Moradin, lieutenant to Durkik.
  • Lavinya: Human priestess of Erathis. Former head of the temple in the Divine Knot; now caretaker of the shrine.
  • Zithiruun (d): Githyanki general, led attack on Overlook. Killed by the party.


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