Scales of War House Rules

Compensation Rules

For the sake of balancing a four-character party against an adventure path written for five PCs, the following house rules are in effect. These house rules are works in progress and subject to change.

  • PCs gain experience points at 80% of the normal rate.
  • Upon completing a short or extended rest, you gain one action point. Any previously-held action points are lost – you cannot have more than one action point.
  • When you miss a target with an encounter power that causes damage, you may choose to either:
    • deal half damage, or
    • deal no damage, but inflict conditions caused by the power as if you had hit.
  • Encounter powers that do not cause damage gain the Reliable keyword.
  • When you reach a milestone, you regain one healing surge. Once per day, you may also regain the use of an expended daily attack power.
  • All PCs gain the following new powers:
    Bloody reprisal
    Redoubled effort


Ability Scores

Standard 22-point-buy method.


  • PH1: Races permitted: Dragonborn, dwarf, eladrin, elf, half-elf, halfling, human, tiefling.
  • PH2: Races permitted: Gnome, goliath, half-orc, shifter. Races restricted: Deva.
  • PH3: Races restricted: Githzerai, minotaur, shardmind, wilden.
  • FRPG: Races permitted: Drow, genasi.
  • EPG: Races permitted: Changeling. Races restricted: Kalashtar, warforged.
  • DSCS: Races permitted: Mul. Races restricted: Thri-kreen.
  • Dragon: Races restricted: Gnoll, revenant, shadar-kai.

Races listed as permitted are available with few or no questions asked. Races listed as restricted are not necessarily prohibited. Just talk to the DM first is all, because there may be… implications.


All classes permitted.


Backgrounds may be taken for character “flavor,” but have no mechanical effect.


Talk to the DM before creating a character of Evil or Chaotic Evil alignment.


  • Expertise feats (Weapon Expertise, Implement Expertise, Versatile Expertise, Master at Arms) are not available.

Magic Items

  • Immurements (AV2) are not available.

Scales of War House Rules

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