Heroes of Overlook

The Heroes of Overlook were a group of adventurers operating in and around the Elsir Vale. They gained their moniker from their actions on behalf of the city of Overlook, though their heroics have benefited much of the Vale.

The Heroes ought to write this page. This would be a good spot for stories.

Current Day:

Kustaa Lemminkainen:
After the funerals of Ember and Myrca, and the departures of Etton and Dwarin, Kustaa found himself the last of the Heroes of Overlook remaining from the battle with General Zithiruun. The anger, sadness and endless questions had become tiresome and he sought refuge through a portal to the Feywild far from the madding crowd. After a moon’s cycle, he and his ever faithful, albeit challenging, book imp Quidnunc returned to the towers of the recovering city. This brief, yet helpful, retreat had led him to accept what has happened and decide to carry on with more caution and less wrath. He then placed a call seeking others who wish to continue protecting Elsir Vale and it’s people and devoted himself to learning new magic to diversify his methods, fearing he overspecialized in the past. A few days pass before a footman announces a visitor…

Heroes of Overlook

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