Beyond the Mottled Tower

All my careful work destroyed by that traitorous bastard Modra and those “Heroes of Overlook.” Now, I must begin again, seeking new allies on different worlds to make good my losses. But first, some vengeance on the Vale, as well as a way to eradicate all hints of my involvement with the githyanki. After all, anonymity is the key to any successful betrayal…

Beyond the Mottled Tower is the seventh adventure in the Scales of War campaign.


The adventurers traveled to the village of Talar to aid Megan Swiftblade in escaping her would-be assassins. The village was nearly destroyed by blood chaos flowing from caverns beneath the Mottled Tower. After averting that threat, the heroes learned that their old adversary Sarshan was linked to Zithiruun’s attack on Overlook and was responsible for the near-destruction of Talar. The heroes pursued the shadar-kai through a network of portals to his tower in the Elemental Chaos, where they cornered and finally slew the arms merchant, ending his threat to the Elsir Vale.


Act I.

The last remaining Hero of Overlook, Kustaa Lemminkainen, recruited a new band of adventurers to carry on the defense of the Elsir Vale after having been the target of an assassination attempt in Overlook. He soon found that he was not the only one to be so targeted. Kustaa and his new colleagues received a missive from Megan Swiftblade, via Elder Cadrick: the Freeriders’ leader had gone into hiding from assassins who had three times made attempts on her life, and she needed help. She had acquired information regarding a powerful ally of Zithiruun, and she believed that that ally (whom she did not name) was trying to kill her to keep her silent.

The adventurers traveled to the village of Talar, where they followed Megan’s protocol for contacting her – then the tavern they were in began to collapse as the village was struck by an earthquake. Narrowly escaping the collapsing building, the adventurers found that the town was being swamped with a viscous mixture of magma and acid that slowly crept through the streets, destroying all it touched. The adventurers traced the flow of this material back to the Mottled Tower, where they found Megan fighting through a broken leg to escape the crumbling redoubt with Serten. After helping them across the tower’s moat, the adventurers descended into the tower, finding Falrinth huddled in the kitchen, and from there into caverns beneath the tower. In those caverns, the adventurers found a series of floodgates; closing them stopped the flow of the substance into Talar.

With the threat averted, Megan revealed that Sarshan, the shadar-kai arms merchant, had backed General Zithiruun’s attack on Overlook, supplying money, troops, and weapons to the githyanki’s war effort. Falrinth, meanwhile, identified the magma-like substance as blood chaos. Considering Sarshan’s known expertise in portal magic, and the preponderance of planar rifts and junctions in Elsir Vale, Falrinth and the adventurers soon reached the conclusion that Sarshan would be able to deliver blood chaos to any part of the Vale he chose unless he were stopped.

Act II.

The adventurers had found a teleportation circle below the Mottled Tower, which a shadar-kai witch had attempted to use. The sigils she had drawn, Falrinth said, led to a swamp far to the south and to a planar junction marked by the Ever-Tree, an oak grown to massive proportions by extraplanar energy. The adventurers used the portal to teleport to the Ever-Tree, where they found most of the swamp had been filled with blood chaos. The Ever-Tree still stood, and its bole was resistant to the substance; it was also lair to a mated pair of green dragons, Antharosk and Calaunxin, who set upon the adventurers the moment they arrived.

After defeating the dragons in a heroic battle and claiming their horde, the adventurers discovered a passage into the tunnels below the Ever-Tree. Carefully picking their way through and avoiding Sarshan’s guards along the way, they caught a glimpse of the shadar-kai as he teleported away, leaving them to battle his minions. The adventurers then undertook to unlock Sarshan’s teleportation circle and followed him through it.

Act III.

The adventurers arrived at Djamela’s Tower in the fire of the Elemental Chaos, where they were set upon by Sarshan’s motley guard detail. When they finally managed to get onto the earthberg itself and enter the tower, it became clear that magma was near to claiming the earthberg; the berg’s dike was close to breaking. Fighting their way past more of Sarshan’s guards and traps even as the tower began to flood with magma and blood chaos, the adventurers cornered the arms merchant at the top of his tower. There they found that long exposure to blood chaos had badly disfigured Sarshan even as it granted him astonishing power. They interrupted his teleportation ritual, fought through his guards, and finally slew Sarshan himself, ending his threat to Elsir Vale.

Notable NPCs

  • Elder Cadrick informed the adventurers of Megan’s plea for aid.
  • Megan Swiftblade was the subject of repeated assassination attempts. She had ordered the Freeriders to disperse for their own safety and gone into hiding in the village of Talar, sending word to Overlook for assistance. She was rescued from the Mottled Tower by the adventurers.
  • Falrinth is a wizard and friend of Megan’s late father. He helped Megan to hide from her would-be assassins in the Mottled Tower.
  • Serten is Falrinth’s apprentice.
  • Sarshan was revealed to have backed Zithiruun’s attack on Elsir Vale. He was responsible for the destruction of Talar and planned similar blood chaos attacks on other targets in the Vale. He was killed by the adventurers.


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Beyond the Mottled Tower

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