Scales Of War

Helping the Githzerai

Shortly after returning to Overlook and recovering from the party’s previous efforts in the Elemental Chaos, Kustaa was awakened by a frantic guardsman. He gathered the other heroes and was led to the city’s west gate, where a flying githyanki war galleon, the Conqueror, had landed roughly in a field. The ship was piloted by the githzerai monk Tokk’it, who had killed the vessel’s githyanki pilot, stolen the ship from the ongoing siege at Akma’ad and flown to Overlook in search of reinforcements. Tokk’it promised that the githzerai would provide troops to help against the impending githyanki invasion in exchange for the heroes’ help, although they realized that Tokk’it almost certainly did not have the authority to make such a promise. The party nevertheless agreed to join Tokk’it on the heavily damaged vessel in order to provide Akma’ad with much needed reinforcement.

En route to the monastery, Tokk’it told the heroes that Akma’ad was playing host to a summit of githzerai elders who were deciding who would lead them in the upcoming war and how involved they would become in aiding the Prime plane against the githyanki. Searching the vessel, the heroes found a manifest listing an assassin called Brann’ot among the crew, and a note indicating that there was an informant in Akma’ad. They also found three small hand-drawn portraits, whose subjects Tokk’it identified as Kath’ik, Wellik, and Odos – the three major githzerai leaders at Akma’ad. Tokk’it also recognized the artistic style of the portraits as that of Gallia, his former paramour who had recently ended their relationship.

The heroes defended the Conqueror from pursuing dragonriders before arriving at Akma’ad, where they found that the githyanki held the upper hand: the monastery’s defenses had been compromised, the wall was breached and githyanki troops – despite heavy losses – still outnumbered the githzerai five to one.



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