Scales Of War

Dori Leaves the Feywild

Elder Lightningblade the Survivor – or the Coward, as many referred to him – overshadowed everything in his son Dori’s life. He had made his name and his money as part of the elite adventuring group known simply as The Five. Elder was so enraptured by this thrilling life of excitement and danger that he constantly pushed Dori to follow in his footsteps, alternating between enrolling him in various training academies and dragging him deep into the Feywild for “practical exercises.” He showed a knack for certain professions, and picked up a few tricks during his training, but detested the bloodthirsty gleam in the eyes of his father and his companions when they were in the heat of battle. As a youngster, Dori made it abundantly clear that he had no intention of venturing outside of their community’s safe haven any more than necessary.

Elder’s career was derailed, however, when an ill-advised pursuit of fabled treasure in the Underdark lead The Five straight into a mind flayer ambush. The veteran rogue was able to escape with two members of his party as his paladin friend held the attackers at bay. The days that followed were hellish beyond description and, in the end, Elder was the only one to return home. The passage of time has washed away the memories of his fervent efforts to gather, at his own expense, what would have amounted to a small army in order to avenge his friends and recover their bodies. Instead, all that is remembered is that Elder managed to get away when the rest of his party did not. Wracked by survivor’s guilt and haunted by the nightmare possibility that the valiant defender who had saved his life may have been captured instead of killed, the broken gnome slipped into crippling depression.

Dori had to stand by and witness all of this, helpless to revive his father’s will to live and forced to watch as illicit drug abuse gave way to a wasting disease. At first hopeful that he may be able to find a cure, Dori turned to the clerical healing arts and began to study in earnest. The gods, however, rarely help those who do not wish for their assistance and no amount of divine power could prevent Elder’s impending demise. Nevertheless, Dori became increasingly obsessed with expanding his understanding of the Astral Realm and the power that flowed from it. Unwilling to cheapen the beliefs of the truly devout followers of the Fey deities, he instead focused on gaining Avandra’s blessing through eldritch machinations. Several years later, the cleric’s life reached a tipping point. Shortly after his father finally passed away Dori finally unlocked the secret of tapping directly into the astral forces, flooding him with new powers and imbuing him with immortality.

His obsession sated and no longer occupied with caring for his namesake, Dori tried to return to normal life. Unfortunately, he found himself an outcast in his own tight knit community. Too proud to spend the years it would take to work his way back into his neighbors’ good graces, Dori instead took this as a sign that he should further investigate the cryptic references to the fantastic power of the stars themselves that he had occasionally come across. Sifting through his father’s impressive collection of magical relics, he equipped himself for the journey ahead and settled the outstanding debts of the estate. Once he was fully kitted, Dori set out to follow his one sliver of a lead out of the Feywild and towards the dwarven city of Overlook…



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